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The internet home of the Talon Media Group. Established in 1996 by Barry Reese, Talon Media is a full service internet multimedia consultancy at YOUR service. Talon Media caters to individuals, sole proprietors, non profit and for profit businesses of every size. Follow our blog at http://www.talonmedia.org or call 301 - 485 - 6584 for professional, friendly, welcoming, can do, WILL DO service! Thanks!


The Book of Exen by Barry Reese - 2005
(Mature Subject Matter - Rated NC-17)

Talon Magazine - Premiere Issue, Spring, 1998

Screen Captures
  1. The Founder's Column
  2. Founder's Column pt.2
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Photofeature - Folio Noir - Satu Smoking
  5. Photofeature - Folio Noir - Convergence #1
  6. Music Feature - "On the Road with Motherlode"
  7. Masthead


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