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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New versions of the old scene.

I am constantly evolving and so are the sites I publish, or publish to. I have a couple of inexpensive, under $70 Windows XP computers ready if you happen to be viewing this on a borrowed internet device, you happen to be in or near the DC area. And have been up to several other items of note.

My novel, The Book of Exen by Barry Reese has graduated from its old location as a subdomain on blogspot.com. Look for the book and sneak previews from the sequel, The Book of Loss at TheBookofExen.com .

I've always liked radical political commentary when I've had something to say about the foibles of lawmakers and lawbreakers. I was posting these on facebook as commentary naming the dips#it du jour on facebook. One story I posted got such comments from my friends on facebook that I started the blog "Not the gazette, but a cautionary tale to myself" . My spin on those who rattle cages is available at dipshitsdujour.blogspot.com.

I get a lot of positive spin e mail, so in coming days, look for a blog dedicated to the positive spin I receive any given day. Have to do something to counteract the tomfoolery. Also dig the fresh look for this site, TalonMedia.org!!

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