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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy discoveries of 2011 so far:

There IS housing available near DC in a "safe" neighborhood for under $500 a month.

I have developed the patience and maturity to not physically assault people who are as underhanded and prone to playing mind games as my former landlord was.

My true friends are true friends. And so it is that Scott and Robyn Silverman get special mention both for being as great of people as they are, but also for the awesome house concert they presented on the 15th of January, featuring the up and coming singer / songwriter, Shane Cooley.

Many years ago I published the first issue of Talon hoping it would provide exposure to musicians with something to say over and above the run of the mill repetitive noise that passes for "top 40 " radio. It's not just me looking for that. People of taste and discernment  like Robyn and Scott, and probably you if you're reading this, crave fresh new voices, influenced by timeless classics.

If you happen to live somewhere that would make a cozy venue and want to raise the musical bar for your friends and neighbors, check out www.concertsinyourhome.com .

If you don't happen to live in that acoustically perfect space, but want to check out some awesome music by someone you'll have to pay a much larger ticket price to see in a couple of years, take a listen to Shane.

You'll hear bits of Springsteen, Neil Young, Traveling Wilburys, John Mellencamp, but in front of all those influences, a new voice with a story to be told.


Oh, and to better serve clients in Northern Virginia, Talon Media will be helping you from Annandale.

Happy 2011 and thanks for your support!!