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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maybe I need to change my Sunday morning TV habits

I was watching the Mc Laughlin group and they presented a fairly cogent breakdown of the controversy over letting the tax cuts passed by President Bush expire. President Obama and the Democratic leadership actually propose to roll back the highest two tax brackets to their rates before Mr. Bush came to power. The lower tax brackets will see no increase in their rates.

Mr. Mc Laughlin seemed to worry that this might be the beginning shots of class warfare.

I disagreed with that and took the invite at the end of the program to send comments to comments@mclaughlin.com.  If you saw that particular episode, and those worries rubbed you the wrong way, maybe you should express yourself as well.

class warfare


Barry Reese

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If Mr.Mc Laughlin were really so averse to class warfare, why week after week are we subjected to Monica Crowley and Pat Buchanan's apologist stances for right wing attacks on the lower class? When right wing policies go counter to the interests of the poor and struggling, no one complains about class warfare, even though the economic and social structure have had one in every  seven citizens under siege for as long as I can remember. Structural global economic change runs decent paying jobs out of the country, no complaint about that form of class warfare. What few jobs that are available, lower paying, offering fewer benefits and shorter hours, with no decrease in the monthly bills poorer citizens are confronted with, nobody complains about that form of class warfare.

But let the richest 5% of our society be asked to pay an additional 3% of  their income into the tax base, and Mr. Mc Laughlin is worried about the specter of class warfare, with Ms. Crowley and Mr Buchanan chiming in. Look this over, if you will - One out of every seven citizens is asked to provide more for their family with way less, if not  nothing at all and accept the bromide that a rising tide lifts all boats. One out of every twenty citizens, those most capable of handling such a burden, is asked to contribute an additional 3 % of their income to better society. Which person in that scenario is being treated with more hostility? Which person is really having their existence attacked more severely?

Just asking.

Barry Reese,
Founder, Talon Media Group
Arlington, VA

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